Product Care

Always wash items separately prior to use.
When washing your HEM linen ensure you separate colours and wash with like fabrics. For strong coloured linens please be mindful and wash individually incase of colour leakage.
Machine washing is fine, use a gentle cycle up to 40 degrees. Do not wash with towels or similar lint fabrics.
Line drying (inside out) is preferable but if you need to use a dryer, do so on a low heat setting as high heat may damage your items.
Do not bleach or dry clean.
The more you use your linen, the softer it becomes, especially the tea towels!
Stone washing linen softens the fibres making them gentle on the skin, however this process does slightly weaken the fibres so here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your HEM linen.
  • Avoid hanging items in the sun over long periods of time as it can bleach the fibres.
  • Rotate between two or three items
  • Wash separately with like colours and fabrics (be careful of zippers and metal buttons on other items)
  • You don’t need to iron your linen unless absolutely necessary. When line drying gently shake out the linen before hanging and strong creases will naturally fall.